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Danica Samuel pushes the envelope on everyday conversations, encourages people to take on different perspectives and has perfected the role of devil’s advocate. Known for her big hair and an even bigger personality, Danica is a compulsive writer who is constantly searching for new stories on the streets and through social media.

Samuel has written for popular outlets like Huffington Post, New Canadian Media (NCM), ByBlacks, Emerge Magazine and iluvLola.

During her time at ByBlacks — Canada’s number one magazine for Black Canadians – Danica was highly instrumental in growing their Twitter following by 40 per cent, and Instagram by 50 per cent in her six months of employment. In just over a year at NCM, she has written articles on immigration policy, Indigenous and minority issues, policy reform and affirmative action in Canada. Her articles consistently gain extraordinary traction on social media and have been featured as the most popular articles on NCM.

She prides herself on her creativity, charisma and provocativeness that can spark up conversations and debates on and off social media. She is always committed to providing content that is memorable, relevant and original.

When Samuel’s not reporting or fishing for a story, her ultimate passion is championing female empowerment projects. At age 16 she was part of a mission in Kenya and Tanzania to raise funds for the Limuru Girls School. While there, she became one of the youngest females ever to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro.

It is that same bold determination and relentless girl power that Danica brings to her writing career.