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My Journey to Media Relations and Communications is a fruitful one. In 2009 I travelled to Africa, through a UNICEF program called Girl!mpact. We spent time fundraising in Toronto, to send a group of girls from Kenya’s Limuru Girls School to pursue a Post Secondary education. Before leaving, they paired me with a mentor, based on our future aspirations. My mentor was Broadcast Journalist, Marci Ien. At that point, I had taken acting classes, begged my parents to be a model and was publicly speaking at almost all High-school events. I knew I wanted to work in the public eye and I wanted to have a voice that reached and touched others positively, everywhere.

The pursuit of my Media career began during my enrolment at The University of Guelph-Humber in 2010. I studied Media Relations and Communications. Throughout University, I interned at iLuvLola and Manifesto Community Projects, writing artist and concert reviews, as well as Hip-Hop culture based articles. I began pursuing more personal writing on social outlets such as Medium, Tumblr, and Linkedin Pulse, which soon led to more writing, for popular outlets like Huffington Post, New Canadian Media, ByBlacks, and Emerge Magazine. The more I wrote, the more I pushed the envelope on everyday conversations, encouraged people to take on different perspectives and perfected the role of devil’s advocate.

I took several Social Media Management jobs, produced and created my University’s Magazine TV Department (Emerge TV), while interning at Toronto’s G98.7 Radio Station. In 2015, I landed a job working as a Script and Digital Media Co-ordinator for Canada’s Broadcasting Company’s (CBC) – Shoot The Messenger TV Series (Fall 2016). It was there I earned my first Television Credit, and contributed significantly to the show’s Digital Media department, by creating their ‘Whisper Campaign’ that was submitted and accepted by Bell Fund Media for a full 75 thousand dollar grant.

Currently, I host my own Podcast called Ybility, which is based off of my obsession with Generation Y and Millennials. I speak on the evolution of our generation, how we’ve garnered change, our flaws, and the heavy transitions we’ve made digitally, and economically to our world.

I’ve learned a lot, throughout my early phases of the media industry and only anticipate getting my feet completely wet. I pride myself on my creative, charismatic and spunky attitude that is always committed to providing original content. With an expertise in Social Media, Creative Writing, Event Planning, Research and more, I can’t wait to show the world what I’ve always been made of.